Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Please Knock sign

I saw these signs made over at How Does She and it was the perfect idea to go with a baby gift i was getting together for my friends new little baby. Here is a pic of the one i made for my friend, hopefully she doesn't see this until she receives it in the mail, if you do, pretend to be shocked and amazed at it's wonderfulness! These signs are so simple and cute and straight to the point....
I had my hubby cut out a 6x6 square and drill a couple of small holes in the top. Then i Modge Podged some cute paper on, added some vinyl lettering, stained, sanded, inked the edges a bit, and added the wire and I was done.
I have plans of making one for our door. I want it to be more of a "We can't play" sign. We have a awesome neighborhood filled with all my son's best buds which is great and i am really grateful for the great playmates he has. The one problem though is the little window that we have by our front door. All day long i see little heads peeking through that little window. This would be fine if it wasn't for my two attack dogs, who are all bark and no bite. If they see or even hear anything at the front door they bark, and bark, and's not my favorite trait of theirs. My youngest still naps, thank heavens, and when the dogs bark, he usually wakes up which makes Mama not so happy.
So that brings us back to me making a sign that lets the little neighbor boys know to turn around and come back later when the sign is no longer there.
I'm not sure what the sign should say...."We can't play, please come back soon." Or maybe "Hey kids scram." Ha ha OK maybe that's a bit harsh.
Do any of you have a good idea of what i should put on it??
If you have a baby or any age napper in the house this sign is a great idea.


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