Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"TIE" dyed eggs

Are you all sick of all my Easter idea's yet? I hope not because i am having fun finding them. My mom found this next idea on the Our Best Bites website. She knew i would want to try it.
First you need to go to your hubby's closet and swipe all his ugly old ties. Or if your husband has a total of 3 ties like mine does then maybe you should go to your local Goodwill or D.I. and pick up some for cheap.
Make sure that they are 100% silk. It should say on the back of the tie on a tag. It has to be 100% silk for it to work.
Then come home and cut that tie up....

Then wrap it up with the right side of the tie towards the egg. So what would be the front side of the tie directly into contact with the egg. I used twist ties to tie them off. Make sure to wrap it as tight as you can. I could wrap 2 or 3 eggs per tie.

Then you need to wrap it again in a thin white material. I got a pillowcase at Wally's for $3

Then put them in a pan and cover with water. Add 1/4 C. vinegar and boil for 20 min.
Take them out of the water and put on a paper towel to cool. When they are cool enough to handle, unwrap and.....

Behold their beauty....pretty...ohh...ahhhh.

I just did 4 today, i will do some more when we dye eggs as a family this weekend. I was pretty happy with how they turn out. I think next year i will look for funkier ties. I have read that the darker colored ties work better. And that ugly ties make beautiful eggs:)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Egg dying made easy

I just received my copy of Family Fun magazine in the mail today and i saw the best idea in it.
For easier egg dying with the kids, put the eggs inside of a whisk to keep the eggs stable and easier for the kids to work with. No more cracked eggs, yay!!
I'm so excited about this idea and may head to the dollar store to get a couple more whisks.
I know that the boys will feel so important when they don't need us to help them so much with the egg dying this weekend.

Happy Egg Coloring!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Setting your table for Easter dinner

Look at these fun little birds nest with a special treat inside over at Skip To My Lou 

And these cute bunny egg holders and napkin rings. You can download free printable templates at  Skip To My Lou.

I can see a adorable Easter table setting in my future.


Friday, March 26, 2010

Tooshie Totes

A while ago i won a awesome giveaway over at Or So She Says... I was so excited that i won and was even more excited when i found out what i won. I won a $100 credit at Tooshie Totes Etsy shop. If any of you know me very well or have been reading my blog for a while you know that i love, love, love a cute bag! Wendy at Tooshie Totes makes one of a kind bags that are just to die for. My bag was delivered this week and i was so impressed with the quality and just darn cuteness of my bag. I will be using mine mostly as a laptop bag but it's so cute that i just may take it for a test drive as a diaper bag this week. I am dying to take a trip now that i have something super cute to tote my laptop around in, and much more than that will fit in it i am sure.

And here she is.....Purdy huh!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring/Summer letter blocks

I wanted to show you all the variation on the Spring Blocks i posted last week. I wanted to make some for my mom for her birthday but i wanted them to be the gift that keeps on giving, well at least for one more season that is. 
I, Ok hubby, cut the blocks a few different sizes this time, i thought it would be fun to mix it up a little and i love how they turned out. Here is the Spring side.....

And then i flipped them and did Summer on the other side of the blocks. I used my Cricut for the letters on these blocks and i liked how they turned out. I also inked the sides of the blocks to give it a sanded look without the added work.

Now i just hope my mom read my text that said not to look at my blog until after she got and opened her present from me. Happy Birthday MOM!!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Stuffed Animal Easter Basket

I just saw the cutest idea over at CraziBeautiful. Turn a old stuffed animal into a Easter basket, how genius! If i thought i had the skills i would do this. I am not very gifted in the sewing area but might try it someday.
This idea was just too cute not to share. Go HERE for the pattern and instructions.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Egg Tree

 OK so we have this tree in our backyard, if you can even call it a tree. It's more of a sticky bush that aspires to be a tree someday. It's gangly and in my opinion a eye sore husband has formed some sort of strange bond with it and refuses to cut it down. I have asked several times and it remains untouched.

So when i had this cute Easter craft i wanted to do that called for bringing some of the outdoors in i knew just the "tree" i wanted to take the kitchen scissors to:). Finally a good use for that darn thing.
Now that you have a little background behind my Easter Tree craft let's begin:
I started out with my cute candlestick jar i made a while ago and then filled it with Easter grass, then stuck my "ugly tree" branches in....

Next is where the blond moment comes.... i hollowed out some eggs and then did my best to dye the now hollow eggs. Yes it would have been easier to die the eggs before i hollowed them but like I've said before i don't do things the easy way. I like a challenge. OK no i really just don't think things through sometimes. I also chose the "old fashioned" way to hollow the eggs, i (and i have to give credit to the hub for a couple of them) poked a hole in both end of the eggs carefully and then blew them out. There is a tool for doing this but i was too impatient and cheep to go look for it and i had remembered doing this when i was younger. So after nearly passing out 6 eggs later i was done and on to dying them. As i mentioned i had a fun time dying floating eggs but after several times turning them they looked just peachy!

I attached them to the branches with some spring colored raffia. I ended up switching out the Easter grass and putting in Jelly Beans instead, it added more color and just looked better. Boy #2 is very sad that i put the jellybeans out of his reach, he asks for them daily, i know it's horrible to taunt him like that isn't it? i guess i better get him some of his own.

And the finished product. I think it may need a couple more eggs. It's much cuter in person, i just couldn't get a very good picture of it but you get the idea. 


Monday, March 22, 2010

Kids Rewards system

I have been trying to create a chore/rewards chart the would work in our house. When i saw this post over at J & A and Co. i knew it would work in our house.
Boy #1 is way excited that we have finally gotten this plan in action. Hopefully it will help create more brotherly love in this house and stop some of the whining that goes on from time to time.
I think it will be a great way for boy #1 to understand about saving tokens for things he wants and the value of spending his hard earned tokens......
Here's how we started:
We got 3 Tupperware containers and i labeled them for each of the boys and one for the bank....

Then we got some "tokens" poker chips at Wal-mart, they were $9.99 for 200. You could use just about anything for tokens, like buttons, beads or monopoly money. Boy #1 wanted real tokens so that's what we got.

Then i made up this list of ways the boys could earn, get taken away and spend their tokens......

How to earn tokens:
1 shoes put away
1 coats hung up
1 dishes cleared after meals without asking
1 using your manners
1 (Jake) telling us that you need a diaper change
1 cleaning up your crumbs after snacks
1 getting yourself dressed for the day
1 making your bed in the morning
1 listening the first time
1 getting into your pj’s by yourself at night
1 following instructions
1 being kind to your brother
1 washing your hands before you eat
1 bringing in belongings from the car
1 if mom or dad don’t clean up after ourselves and you catch it and have to do it for us
1 Putting the Wii remotes away after every time you use them
1 Feed the dogs when parents ask you to
2 Keep the toys off the floor
2 Good attitude when told No
2 eating all of your food without complaining or being reminded
2 being reverent during church
3 Trying a good helping of a new food
3 extra jobs without complaining
3 good behavior at a store

How to Lose Tokens:
1 leave your shoes out
1 coat laying on the floor
1 clothes laying on the floor
1 making messes at the dinner table
1 arguing
1 bothering parents while on the phone
1 not listening
1 not clearing your plate
1 leaving belongings in the car
1 fighting with your brother
1 anything left laying around that I have to pick up
2 Taking cushions and pillows off the couch
2 Getting on the counter without asking
2 Playing the Ipod without asking
2 Playing Happy Aquarium without asking
2 Being sent to time out
2 getting in to things that you are not supposed to
3 complaining or gagging at the dinner table
3 poor behavior at church
3 poor behavior at a store
10 if I have to clean up your room at the end of the day
How to spend tokens:
1 package of fruit snacks
2 ½ educational computer time (approved by parent)
3 half hour of Wii during the week (normally he can only play on the weekends)
3 popcorn
3 extra story at bedtime(must be paid by all listeners)
5 15 min on Happy Aquarium whenever you want
5 extra 15 minutes at bedtime
10 small treat or small toy at the store
100 $10 to spend on something you would like
Mom and dad have the right to add to this list at anytime
Tokens can be handed out randomly for special things and good behavior
You must ask mom and dad before putting tokens in your jar.

Note: I did copy a lot of these from J & A and Co., and am grateful for all the great ideas.
It has already started to help boy #1's attitude. He helped clean all day Saturday with virtually no complaining, it was quite nice. Boy #2 however is oblivious but that's OK in a few months he may start to get the idea.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Family Tree

Living 1,000 miles away from our families it can sometimes be hard for the boys to grasp the concept that Grandma and Papa can't just swing by our house whenever they want. Trust me if they could they would! It really was a big adjustment to boy #1 when we first moved to Kansas. It's also hard for boy #2 who doesn't really know his Grandparents very well because we only see them a couple times a year at best. For him i really want to make sure that he starts recognizing them from pictures.
I have been wanting to make a family tree for a while now and i just happened upon a very cute one over at

Working on our Tree.....

I think it will be a great way for the boys to see the pictures and be consistently reminded of their Grandparents and that they are a important part of our family and their lives.
I would love to make one with Aunts, Uncles and Cousins too but I'm not feeling that ambitious today. I think this one will be a great start for us and they boys love looking at all the pictures.
To download your own family tree head on over to A Little Tipsy and click on the tree template that you want.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rainbow Treats

OK OK i know St. Patty's day is over but i had to share the fruits of my labor from yesterday. I spent way too much time on these rainbow treats but it was worth it in the end.

These cupcakes are so cute on the inside and darn it they better be because they were somewhat time consuming. Just don't think your going to whip these up quickly after dinner, they take some time to add the colors layer by layer. My kids loved them and i am thinking about going to have another one right about now..... Find the directions at

And i did end up making the rainbow jello also. It was easy and they kids LOVED it!!
Find the recipe HERE

You can make these fun treats for lots of occasions. I'm sure i will be making them both again soon!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Feelin' Green

I'm feelin' green today so here are some great green finds on Etsy.......

Green Bamboo clock from Pilot Design

Cute bracelet from The Moontree Boutique

Pillow from Green Gables

Margarita Lime Soap Bar @ KBShimmer

Grow your own food Tee @ Happy Family

And how cute are these handmade ice cream cones from Fair Trade Family

Enjoy your day, hope it's a LUCKY one:)


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Letter Blocks

Since the sun refuses to shine here in Kansas(ok it did a little but not enough for me) i have been inside with the boys all day. This is not exactly how i hoped to spend Spring Break but hopefully the weather will get warmer later in the week and we can get OUTSIDE!! We watched movies today and boy #2 had a extra long nap(yay for daylight savings).
I managed to sneak in this project that i have been wanted to do.

First i painted my wood block that the hubs cut for me a while ago....

Then i Mod Podged some uber cute scrapbook paper onto them...

And last i added some fun chip board letters to spell out SPRING. I cut out the word Happy on my cricut and just Mod Podged them right on there. I attached the chip board letters with some sticky Zots. They are the perfect addition to my little black table(which i am looking to replace with something a bit more fabulous)
I kinda wish that the R wasn't red, a bit too many reds in a row for me, but it's still cute. I worked with what i had and i think it's nice and Springy, i am trying to force Spring to get here quicker!!


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Monday, March 15, 2010

Helping your car sick child

I have been thinking about our summer Utah trip lately and how i have got to make it a more enjoyable experience for all involved. I am talking about the 14 hour drive to get there and to get home. My oldest gets car sick. He has never thrown up in the car but he is usually in the back seat crying that he feels sick and has to get out of the car, that is usually about 1 hour into the trip.
I decided to do a little research and try to be prepared this time. I thought i would share my findings with all of you in case you have the same problems with your little ones.
I found this helpful information on

Tips for Prevention or Treatment of Car Sickness
  • Peppermints...lots of LifeSaver Peppermints, or peppermint candies. Keep a supply in the car
  • Ginger snap cookies. Eat a couple before you start the trip and then periodically during the trip. This tip was recommended by several readers!
  • Avoid reading in the car, particularly on winding bumpy roads. Be sure to keep eye focus mainly to front. This helps the brain process sensory data and avert the vertigo.
  • Use Seabands, which are wrist bands with a small round metal button that presses into the inside of each wrist. They are tight & work by acupressure. Some people swear by them! Also called, "No Queeze Wrist Bands"
  • Place the child in the middle of the backseat so they can see out the front, rather than the sides, which can appear as a blur.
  • Pick a spot as far away as you can see and just focus on that for a few minutes not the road whizzing by
  • Breath deep through your mouth, not your nose.
  • Stick your hand out the window, just a little bit; whether it is 100 degrees or 10 degrees.
  • Fresh water and saltine crackers
  • Keep empty 3-pound butter tubs in the van with their covers, so that in case of an accident, you can re-cover the tub until you reach a place you can empty and rinse it out.
  • Keep plenty of lollipops on hand. You can even get special motion sickness ones called Queasy Pops.
  • A cool face cloth. The minute someone feels that urge come on, hand them a peppermint and have them place the cool face cloth on their forehead.
  • Ginger root capsules, ginger ale and plain cake donuts!!
  • An ice pack applied to the back of the neck -- ten minutes on, ten minutes off -- works wonders.
  • Wear wrap around sun glasses
  • Take Benadryl or Drammamine 1-1/2 hour prior to drive. Don't wait until you are already on the road or it will be too late. Consult a doctor if necessary before using!(You May not be able to use Drammamine with young children, read the age warnings, also Benadryl makes some children hyper as apposed to sleepy, just a heads up on that)
  • Keep a bottle of Fabreeze to get rid of accident odors
  • Never travel without a big tub of wet wipes!
  • Keep an extra change of clothing easily available for all travelers
I think there are a lot of great tips in that article and i plan on using several of them the next time we make that LONG trip to Utah.
On a somewhat related note...Do any of you own one of these? Found on Amazon

Have any of you sworn that you NEVER would own one of these? I did, until i had boy #2. I will be purchasing one of these as soon as he refuses to be strapped into a stroller, which is coming soon. I use to make fun of them and say that i would never put my child on a leash but.....boy #2 usually acts like a out of control puppy so i guess i should leash him like one. Really he is all over the place and i actually think he would like this cuddly restraint system. It would be great for the airport or zoo i think.
Do any of you have kids that get car sick? If so do you have any tips to add? I am hoping to find one of the above remedies that works on our next road trip.

- Jaime

Friday, March 12, 2010

Rainbow jigglers

How fun are these...

Head on over to to learn how to make your own rainbow jello for your St. Patrick's Day treat.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Etsy - I Spy Bags

I found these cute i spy bags while browsing on Etsy today. I think this pirate one will be a great addition to boy #1's Easter basket this year. He loves i spy books so i know this will be a hit.

Giggle Junction’s spy bags are made with soft high quality flannel, sewn inside then turned and top stitched with a heavy duty utility stitch for added durability. There are 30 miniature objects hidden among the non-toxic plastic pellets in the 7 x 7 square. Spy bags are great for keeping children entertained during travel, waiting during appointments, quiet time at home or anywhere you'd like to keep them occupied.

Children hold the bag and use their hands to shift around the pellets inside which makes hidden objects appear randomly in the spy window. It's perfect for children who prefer tactile games and encourages development of fine motor skills.

Here is a cute Easter one
To get your own I Spy bag visit Giggle Junction, click HERE

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

St.Patrick's Day Wood Shamrock

I had been looking for the perfect shamrock to hang outside my front door. Well i got tired of looking and decided to make one last weekend.
First i found a picture of a shamrock on the Internet, one that looked the closest to what the one in my head looked like, that can be tough sometimes.
Second i blew it up on my laptop and traced it, moved it around a bit on the screen, lined it up, traced some more. I'm certain this wasn't the easiest way to do it but i usually don't do things the easy way. Then i cut the pattern out.
I ended up with a pattern for half a shamrock and that was fine because i wanted it to be 2 halves.

I had my awesome, amazing, wonderful hubster cut the one side out for me and then flip the pattern over and cut the other side as well. He also cut me some little wood blocks for a spring project i will be doing soon. Isn't he the greatest. If i had to cut my own wood for my projects i would be out of business soon because i am sure that i would cut one of my fingers off.
Anywho, then i sanded the wood, painted, stained and sanded a little more, wired it together, added some ribbon and WWWWAAA LAAAAA....not bad for a rookie like me...

Moral of the story...if you can't find it in the store, don't give up!!


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Whatever goes Wed at Someday Crafts

Created by Diane


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Full Moon = Out of Control Kids?

Ever notice a certain few days out of the month when your kids are just down right out of control? It doesn't happen every month at our house but i have noticed that every 2-4 months around the time it's a full moon, my 5yr old especially is just a bear to be around. He has his days every so often but there are certain months that there really is almost a force that comes over him and I'm all but out of control.
I have been really intrigued by the myth that change in the weather or particularly a full moon, will in fact change the behavior in some people.
I have discussed this with my son's past preschool teacher. She told me that her and all the other teachers at the center definitely notice a change in behavior when it's a full moon or there is a drastic change in weather, stormy days, windy days, ect.
I have also heard that hospitals, police stations, ect. tend to get crazy during a full moon

I researched it a bit and some astrologer's believe that individuals who are born at certain times of the month will be more likely to be affected by environmental changes.
On the website i got this information....

Moon Phases and People:

It affects behavior in all things even plants.
Think of the Wolf howling at the moon?
Certain plant species ding abnormal things while its full or new.
It also affects the weather which of course affects living things.
Think of the saying, "Where did all these crazy people come from?It must be a full moon!"
Its somewhat true, it changes things globally only subtly but enough to affect behaviors.
There has never been adequate studies done on this, it would be very difficult to get accurate results and very expensive and time consuming.

While there is no clear cut proof that a full moon is the reason why your 5 year old is acting like a complete lunatic i think there is definitely some truth to it. I am looking forward to hopefully getting my sweet little boy back in the next couple of days, and to not hearing the coyote's howling me to sleep at night. They sure are pretty to look at but I'm not such a huge fan of the full moon anymore.
Have any of you noticed your kiddo's acting different under a full moon??


Monday, March 8, 2010

Candlestick Holder Jar

I have seen this done quite a bit out there in blogland so i thought i would give it a whirl.
I have been wanting some cute glass vases to put around the house and fill with seasonal candies or other decorations. In my obsessive blog hopping i found several posts on how to make a cute vase even cuter.
First get a fun glass vase, from the dollar store or i have seen nice ones at Wal-mart, and a glass candlestick holder, also from the dollar store. My vase was $3 and my candle stick holder was $1.
Second, glue those suckers together. I used E-6000. Make sure to open a window if using this stuff, and please do not use if you are pregnant. The fumes are pretty toxic. OK now that i have threatened my life by possibly inhaling toxic fumes i glued mine together and WAAALAAA......
They are a match made in heaven, don't ya think! And i just happened to have some rolo's laying around so i thought they would look cute in it. So here is your variation on my other pot of gold post below. I will be making a couple more of these in varying sizes, they are just too fun and cheap not to.


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