Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Love Envelopes and finished felt heart wreath

I've been a busy bee around here the last week or so. I have been neglecting my family holding down all my duties as a mom and wife while finding time to do some fun Valentines crafts. Today i made these cute "Love Envelopes" or at least that's what i have named them. I plan on putting them on the boys chairs starting Feb 1st. and the hubster and I will leave the boys fun little notes in the weeks leading up to Valentines day. I'm sure there will be many other things placed in these envelopes, army men, Lego's, food, who knows but hopefully they will enjoy seeing new messages left for them. I think they turned out cute. Boy #1 had serious ideas on how he wanted his to look so it's a bit flashier than his brothers but the boys both seem to like their special Love Envelopes.I saw the idea for these over at The Crafting Chicks. For the how to on making these cuties click HERE.

I also managed to get this beauty finished. It took a bit more time than i thought it would and a lot more cutting but i really love how it turned out. The boys were really a part of this project, they noticed when i got a little further and cheered me on every step of the way. When i was all finished i was so excited and the boys were watching as i searched for the perfect spot for my time educing project. I carefully placed it on a nail on the wall where i was sure it would get noticed as soon as anyone walked through the door. I stood back to admire it and.........IT FELL and broke into 4, yes 4 pieces!! I really and truly almost started crying. I tried to watch my language, the boys were both in the room, and i just stood there in disbelief. Boy #1 looked at me and said in a very concerned voice "Mom, are you OK? That is the saddest thing i have even seen happen!"  I agreed with him and decided to pick up the pieces and see what i could do to fix it. About 15 minutes and a lot of hot glue and pins later i had it put back together. It's holding up nicely and high on a shelf where it is sure to not fall again. I am just hoping it makes it through storage when it's time to take it down. So the moral to my story is: If you make one of these.....DON'T DROP IT!
For the How to on this wreath, click HERE

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  1. I came across your blog not long ago and really love it! I gave you an award on my blog:) go check it out!



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