Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Apothecary Jars

Well there is probably no one following this blog anymore, I have decided to only post when i make something and manage to get a picture of it. It's just too much for me to keep up with doing a post everyday but i refuse to delete this blog because i want a place to store all my past ideas and i have all my links to blogs i love on my side anyway i am tired of looking at my Valentines post below and just made some cute Apothecary jars and wanted to share. Now saying that i also have to add that i hate the fact that i don't have a tutorial to go with the finished picture, no excuses i just got lazy and wanted to get these suckers done. I do however have a couple of tips.....
1. Make sure to PRIME your wood or whatever your using!! I for some unknown reason didn't and i used about a can and a half of spray paint....yeah i had a major brain fart on that one.
2. Read and FOLLOW the instructions on the glue package. I used Gorilla Glue for the first time and learned that a THIN coat is all you need...learned this the hard way.
Oh and no your eyes are not blurring up on's a crappy cell phone picture that i strangely took the time to photo shop.....go figure!

I got all my wood pieces from Hobby Lobby and i used the smaller mason jars that were not smooth, i liked the logo look. I used Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze, can't go wrong with that. And i used a glaze that was tinted black to glaze after i glued everything together.
I'm very happy with the way they turned out and i know i will be making more in the near future. If you get one or a set of these from me as a gift act excited as if you have never seen them before ;)

- Jaime


  1. Love these. They came out the color choice too!

  2. Awesome! Planning to make some of these myself soon!

  3. Awesome! Planning to make some of these myself soon!

  4. Very cool candy candlestick containers!!


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