Sunday, January 24, 2010

Getting it done

Happy Monday everyone(yeah right, huh)I had a great weekend full of family fun and organization. Yes i conquered the cabinets and i am proud to report that i am now a better person for having done it. I feel refreshed and ready to tackle another project as you'll see below. OK here are the horrible pictures once again to remind you of the utter chaos that was lurking behind closed doors.

Left side cabinet before

Right side before

Left side after, ahh now there's room to grow, that's actually exactly what i am afraid of :[

Right side after. I can finally get to my Kitchen aid without causing any harm to myself from falling objects.

Now to tackle the dreaded drawers....any of you have A junk drawer? I have 4. Here are drawers 1 and 2...

Drawers 3 and 4. Stay tuned for the drawers big reveal. I actually clean these drawers out quite a bit, but somehow they get back to this point eventually. I am going to blame it on the four little hands that frequent them often and for no good reason. I am tempted to get some child locks for these puppies. We'll see...

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