Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hello blogger world

Ok, Ok, enough putting this off because i don't think i have a "cool" enough name for this blog. I need to just accept that this blog is in fact appropriately named because i am indeed "Far from Super Mom." I am not in any way ashamed of that and i find myself to be pretty normal for the most part. I know a few women that i would consider "Super Moms" but I'm sure they each have their own flaws and for goodness sakes i would hope they would otherwise they probably wouldn't be much fun to be around.
Just to let you into the world of me i will let you in on a few other names this blog could go by.......
  • Not a morning person.....
  • For the love of a purse......
  • My DVD, my master.....
  • Don't bite the dog.....
  • Laundry is my nemesis.....
  • I love a rainy night.....
  • Smoothies anyone?
Hopefully you can gain a bit more understanding of who FFSM (Far from Super Mom, stay with me people) really is. I'm not too exciting but you can blame my father for that, we are two of a kind.
I wanted to start a blog of my own to start my new years right and try to find myself again. I love being a wife, a mother of two great little boys, a mom to two dogs and food buyer for one large green toad. I don't however love the fact that i have lost who i really am in the midst of all of the above.
I am really trying to focus more on myself this year and hopefully for all the years that follow. I have recently (two days ago) started walking on the treadmill that has been accumulating dust for the past many, many years in the basement. I really want to be a skinny bitch, OK maybe not skinny, although that would be great but i would settle for a healthy semi-bitch.
I plan to do posts about things that bug me, things that i love, things that i am passionate about, things i know, things i wish i knew and so on and so on. I so love to blog and find new blogs that i can't wait to check everyday. Hopefully my blog will be more than a snooze fest for you all and i do have a few ideas up my sleeve.
Try not to mind the unprofessional look of said blog. I will see how much interest i get here, and i know i will get a lot, right?! If i soar to the top in the blogger world, ha, ha, i will probably break down and get a blog make-over but for now this is me, plain and simple, take it or leave it......take it please!!



  1. Jaime,
    I love it. I feel the same way - like I've gotten a little lost along the way. So I'm excited to read your blog and get ideas for myself as well. I started a blog with some friends of mine as well. It's tracking our journey to getting fit. Check it out. And yes, I look horrible in the pics, that's why I'm doing it.
    By the way, you've ALWAYS been a semi-bitch. HAHA JUST KIDDING!!

  2. Thanks for the feedback Sarah, i will check out your "other" blog. I have a lot of unimportant things to say and hopefully more than just me and my mom read this:)


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