Friday, January 22, 2010

Must Organize!!

On a good day the pictures below represent what my house looks like. I like to keep things neat and tidy. When the house is a mess i feel out of sorts and a bit frantic. Keeping it looking this way however is next to impossible with the two small tornadoes that i live with. I'm kind of funny in the way that i clean though, if i can't see it it's not there, that tends to be my train of thought. That is one reason why my main level is usually cleaner than my upstairs, i spend most of my time on the main level so that's what i see the most. Because of this train of thought i often loose things, important papers or the latest is my diamond necklace, yes i am sick about that one. I tend to open a drawer or cabinet and gently stuff or push until i can close said drawer or cabinet and poof it's all but gone. This technique has worked for me for the most part for the last couple of years. Maybe not so well for my husband who continually asks where that magazine he was just reading went or where in the world the super glue is. Lately however my dirty little secrete has been nagging on me more and more. I have started to think about it after the cabinet gets closed and i have become increasingly embarrassed when opening it while a friend or neighbor is over, yes a few select neighbors have watched in horror as i try to find a phone book to use as a booster when they bring there kids over for haircuts. I am hoping this post gives me the incentive that i need to get this section of my life organized for good.
Here is a look into what i like the house to look like at any given time......

Don't mind the eye sore of a space heater, hopefully that will get put away very soon.

This kitchen is what sold me on the house, it has so many cabinets, too many....
Early last fall we took off a breakfast bar, had granite counter tops installed and got a new tile back splash making a already fab kitchen a bit more fab, i really do love it.

And here is the row of cabinets that really i could do without, my junk says otherwise but really it has just become a dumping place for everything i don't know what to do with. It looks innocent enough from the outside right......
Here is the left side ....
And here is the right side....I know horrible huh! Well not for much longer. Where there is a will there is a way. I am now off to get started and hun if you are reading this i have one question for you......Wanna help?:)
Give me the weekend and you will, oh yes you will get your after pictures.........I know the suspense is going to kill you right?!



  1. I'm so glad to know about your dirty little secret. Whenever I see pictures of your house I'm just amazed that it is always so clean - now I know the truth, and I don't feel quite so horrible about mine. But unfortunately my mess is out for the world to see. Your house is beautiful!
    BTW - I love this blog. It's very fun to read.

  2. Thanks Sarah, it helps to know at least you are having a good time reading it. I am half way done with the cabinent on the left, feeling pretty good about it. Me and Robert tend to be pack rats, ask the Farrells they know, they helped us move once and i think they are still having nightmares about it.

  3. House and Kitchen look awesome! I wish I lived closer, I love to do that kinda stuff!


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