Friday, April 23, 2010

Marble Magnets

If it's one thing that i hate it's a cluttered fridge. OK i don't hate it that much but some people do try to fit a bit too much on the front of their fridge doors and sorry people but it's not pretty. I try not to clutter my fridge up too much but there are always cute pictures of my friends and family and the all important pre-school art work that manage to make their way on my fridge.
This is how my fridge looked a couple of days ago.....a bit much right?!

But then i remembered about the cute marble magnets that i learned to make years ago. And now my fridge looks like this.....better right?

Now i know that most of you out there have probably made these before and if so then maybe you need to make some more, mother's day is coming up you know. These are a great, quick and thoughtful homemade gift.
Get your supplies - Mod Podge, brush, clear glass marbles(i got mine at Michael's), 1 inch round hole punch, small magnets and some uber cute paper.
Now start making circles. I always get a bit carried away and punch out a million circles and then look at the 8 magnets i bought and then have to pick and choose my favorite. I guess now i have extras for when i pick up some more magnets.
Next just brush a THIN coat of Mod Podge on the back of your circles and stick it right to the marble. Hold it down to get any of the air bubbles out, it dries pretty quickly. Now i have tried to do this with photo's i have punched out and i have a harder time with those. Mine never dry fast and always have air bubbles. If anyone knows the trick to Mod Podge photos feel free to tell me.

And there you have it, some beautiful little works of art! It will make your fridge look so much better i promise!

Oh yeah and i know you were all wondering what that little poster was on my fridge. Yeah that's me rockin' a purple bikini. OK not really but it's my "inspiration" poster. Is it working you ask, well not exactly but i refuse to take it down because someday soon it's going to kick my butt into action, soon i tell you soon.



  1. These woul dmake the cutest gift! Love the print you used! Would love to have you stop by the Sunday Showcase Party if you get a chance. Hope you are enjoying your weekend! The make the fridge so pretty!

  2. I just made a ton of those for Christmas presents! I used E-6000 adhesive and loved it! Yours are so cute!

  3. These are cute! I had heard you could make these, I've just never bothered to find out how. Now that I know how easy they are, I'm going to become the Magnet Queen!

  4. I just love this idea! I have seen them with buttons too. I think my little gal and I might just have to make these this weekend :)

  5. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing at the Sunday Showcase Party! I greatly appreciate it! Love these magnets! Super cool! Hope you have a great week! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  6. That's great I love your "inspiration" poster! lol! Cute!

    Come let my brother inspire you with his weight loss story of over 200 lbs! Here is the link

    He will be making tv appearance soon too! Cool!


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