Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's Day Fun

Happy April Fool's Day!
I have one vivid memory from my childhood when it comes to April fools day. I remember my mom picking me up from school and telling me that we were going home to get our suitcases and go to Disneyland. Needless to say it was in fact April fools day and we did not end up at Disneyland at the end of the day. If you ask my mom she will deny that this conversation took place but who are you going to believe, my mom or my memory from when i was oh about 7??? I'll let you decide. 
Last year on April fool's day I sent boy #1 to school with his shirt on backwards only to come to find out that it was class picture day, yeah the joke ended up being on me, not so funny but the picture turned out cute anyway.
  This year i am sure boy #1 will want to wear his shirt backwards again. And i am sure that all day he will be saying things like "Mom, look at that huge bear in the backyard!" Yeah he likes any excuse to be silly so this is a fun holiday for him.

 Here is a prank that i plan on playing on him and his little brother at dinner:

 Trick Jello drink
 I found this idea over at Living Locurto and i will be trying it out tonight at dinner, i am excited to see the boys faces when they try to take their first "sip" of the jello drinks. They are both huge jello fans so I'm sure they will be pleasently surprised.

Hope you all have at least one trick up your sleeves for today!!

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