Friday, April 16, 2010


Sorry guys, this week has been nuts at this house and i have not been managing my time very well. Between cake decorating classes, T-Ball practices, chasing the crazier than ever almost 2yr old, the 5 year old that thinks he can do whatever he wants and then all the house hold duties i have just been a bit on edge this week. I really need to focus on chilling out a little more. I am a major worry wart and a bit of a control freak so a very busy week tends to frazzle me a little. I need to remind myself to just stop, breathe, and let what happens happen.
Do any of you have weeks like that? Are any of you a control freak like me? I may not be posting everyday anymore, i will try but if i don't please know that i still love you all and am hopefully working on a fun project to show you soon. Sorry for my ramblings but it's just been one of those weeks. OK i am now going to take a chill pill and hopefully have a wonderful relaxing weekend, hope you all do the same:)

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