Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"TIE" dyed eggs

Are you all sick of all my Easter idea's yet? I hope not because i am having fun finding them. My mom found this next idea on the Our Best Bites website. She knew i would want to try it.
First you need to go to your hubby's closet and swipe all his ugly old ties. Or if your husband has a total of 3 ties like mine does then maybe you should go to your local Goodwill or D.I. and pick up some for cheap.
Make sure that they are 100% silk. It should say on the back of the tie on a tag. It has to be 100% silk for it to work.
Then come home and cut that tie up....

Then wrap it up with the right side of the tie towards the egg. So what would be the front side of the tie directly into contact with the egg. I used twist ties to tie them off. Make sure to wrap it as tight as you can. I could wrap 2 or 3 eggs per tie.

Then you need to wrap it again in a thin white material. I got a pillowcase at Wally's for $3

Then put them in a pan and cover with water. Add 1/4 C. vinegar and boil for 20 min.
Take them out of the water and put on a paper towel to cool. When they are cool enough to handle, unwrap and.....

Behold their beauty....pretty...ohh...ahhhh.

I just did 4 today, i will do some more when we dye eggs as a family this weekend. I was pretty happy with how they turn out. I think next year i will look for funkier ties. I have read that the darker colored ties work better. And that ugly ties make beautiful eggs:)


  1. What an awesome idea! I'm loving all your Easter ideas. Keep 'em coming. I'm actually going to the $1 store today to get some Easter stuff, and I plan to get a couple wisks to die the eggs too. Fun ideas!

  2. I love the "tie" dyed eggs and you're right, Ugly ties do make beautiful eggs. Have a beautiful Easter.

  3. That is a cute idea! I would love for my husband to have fewer ugly ties too! :)


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