Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Egg Tree

 OK so we have this tree in our backyard, if you can even call it a tree. It's more of a sticky bush that aspires to be a tree someday. It's gangly and in my opinion a eye sore but.....my husband has formed some sort of strange bond with it and refuses to cut it down. I have asked several times and it remains untouched.

So when i had this cute Easter craft i wanted to do that called for bringing some of the outdoors in i knew just the "tree" i wanted to take the kitchen scissors to:). Finally a good use for that darn thing.
Now that you have a little background behind my Easter Tree craft let's begin:
I started out with my cute candlestick jar i made a while ago and then filled it with Easter grass, then stuck my "ugly tree" branches in....

Next is where the blond moment comes.... i hollowed out some eggs and then did my best to dye the now hollow eggs. Yes it would have been easier to die the eggs before i hollowed them but like I've said before i don't do things the easy way. I like a challenge. OK no i really just don't think things through sometimes. I also chose the "old fashioned" way to hollow the eggs, i (and i have to give credit to the hub for a couple of them) poked a hole in both end of the eggs carefully and then blew them out. There is a tool for doing this but i was too impatient and cheep to go look for it and i had remembered doing this when i was younger. So after nearly passing out 6 eggs later i was done and on to dying them. As i mentioned i had a fun time dying floating eggs but after several times turning them they looked just peachy!

I attached them to the branches with some spring colored raffia. I ended up switching out the Easter grass and putting in Jelly Beans instead, it added more color and just looked better. Boy #2 is very sad that i put the jellybeans out of his reach, he asks for them daily, i know it's horrible to taunt him like that isn't it? i guess i better get him some of his own.

And the finished product. I think it may need a couple more eggs. It's much cuter in person, i just couldn't get a very good picture of it but you get the idea. 



  1. That is very cute. I totally remember blowing the egg yolk out when I was younger too. HARD! So fun! You are so crafty.

  2. very cute! I gotta make me one of those tall jars, I made a few short ones, but I'm in love with that one!!

  3. Love the jelly beans in the vase!

  4. why not just buy plastic eggs??? That would save a LOT of time and energy!!!

  5. Oh yeah, Cheese Beard said he LOVED the vase!

  6. Jamie F. - Plastic eggs would not have looked half as cute, trust me!
    And tell Cheese Beard thank you very much!!


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