Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Full Moon = Out of Control Kids?

Ever notice a certain few days out of the month when your kids are just down right out of control? It doesn't happen every month at our house but i have noticed that every 2-4 months around the time it's a full moon, my 5yr old especially is just a bear to be around. He has his days every so often but there are certain months that there really is almost a force that comes over him and I'm all but out of control.
I have been really intrigued by the myth that change in the weather or particularly a full moon, will in fact change the behavior in some people.
I have discussed this with my son's past preschool teacher. She told me that her and all the other teachers at the center definitely notice a change in behavior when it's a full moon or there is a drastic change in weather, stormy days, windy days, ect.
I have also heard that hospitals, police stations, ect. tend to get crazy during a full moon

I researched it a bit and some astrologer's believe that individuals who are born at certain times of the month will be more likely to be affected by environmental changes.
On the website WikiAnswers.com i got this information....

Moon Phases and People:

It affects behavior in all things even plants.
Think of the Wolf howling at the moon?
Certain plant species ding abnormal things while its full or new.
It also affects the weather which of course affects living things.
Think of the saying, "Where did all these crazy people come from?It must be a full moon!"
Its somewhat true, it changes things globally only subtly but enough to affect behaviors.
There has never been adequate studies done on this, it would be very difficult to get accurate results and very expensive and time consuming.

While there is no clear cut proof that a full moon is the reason why your 5 year old is acting like a complete lunatic i think there is definitely some truth to it. I am looking forward to hopefully getting my sweet little boy back in the next couple of days, and to not hearing the coyote's howling me to sleep at night. They sure are pretty to look at but I'm not such a huge fan of the full moon anymore.
Have any of you noticed your kiddo's acting different under a full moon??


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  1. My mom, my brother and myself can not sleep when it's a full moon, have not noticed anything with my kiddo's, but hey it runs in the family! Crazy!!


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