Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Diaper Debate

OK so i am going to give you all my opinion, if by chance you want it, on Diapers.
I have been a loyal Huggies buyer for about 5 years...until about two months ago. When i had my first son i, for one reason or another, started using Huggies right away. I am going to chalk it up to the fact that it was what the hospital was using so i just stuck with it. They always worked fine for the most part and i really felt no need to try pampers or any other brand of diaper.
Then boy #2 came along and i stuck to my brand of choice, Huggies. Well i swear this little guy of mine has a hollow leg because he drinks and drinks and drinks. Milk, juice, lemonade, whatever he can get his sticky little hands on.
Good old Huggies just have not been able to keep up with his liquid out put. I decided to try Pampers for the first time in 5 years, ekkk. i have no idea why i felt like i was betraying Huggies so much but i did. I finally decided on Pampers Baby Dry and haven't looked back since. They are a dream come true for my little pee body. I put him in the Pampers Extra Protection at night and he wakes up dry every morning, which is a miracle for him.

So in closing, if your having a new baby try out many brands before you settle on one and if your current kids diaper isn't cutting it try a new brand, you just might be surprised with the results, i know i was.


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  1. I used Pampers for both of mine. I've heard several times from people "they cost so much waa waa waa", but I think I SAVED money and time in doing laundry. I hardly EVER had any leaks, blowouts, whatever. There was that ONE time Liam pooped out the SIDE of his diaper (hardly got any in the stupid thing)all over my hand at my step-father's funeral. My mom handed him off to me about 2 minutes before it got started, so I'm glad he waited and got me and not her! That would have been very bad, at her husband's funeral. Anyway, that's the only time I can remember. Funny, trying to carry a baby (squirmy) to the car, unlock the trunk, lay him down in the grass to change a diaper and clothes while holding a handful of baby poo! Not sure why the hubby didn't join me in the fun (or at least lend two clean hands to unlocking the car, etc), but he's no dummy!


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