Monday, March 22, 2010

Kids Rewards system

I have been trying to create a chore/rewards chart the would work in our house. When i saw this post over at J & A and Co. i knew it would work in our house.
Boy #1 is way excited that we have finally gotten this plan in action. Hopefully it will help create more brotherly love in this house and stop some of the whining that goes on from time to time.
I think it will be a great way for boy #1 to understand about saving tokens for things he wants and the value of spending his hard earned tokens......
Here's how we started:
We got 3 Tupperware containers and i labeled them for each of the boys and one for the bank....

Then we got some "tokens" poker chips at Wal-mart, they were $9.99 for 200. You could use just about anything for tokens, like buttons, beads or monopoly money. Boy #1 wanted real tokens so that's what we got.

Then i made up this list of ways the boys could earn, get taken away and spend their tokens......

How to earn tokens:
1 shoes put away
1 coats hung up
1 dishes cleared after meals without asking
1 using your manners
1 (Jake) telling us that you need a diaper change
1 cleaning up your crumbs after snacks
1 getting yourself dressed for the day
1 making your bed in the morning
1 listening the first time
1 getting into your pj’s by yourself at night
1 following instructions
1 being kind to your brother
1 washing your hands before you eat
1 bringing in belongings from the car
1 if mom or dad don’t clean up after ourselves and you catch it and have to do it for us
1 Putting the Wii remotes away after every time you use them
1 Feed the dogs when parents ask you to
2 Keep the toys off the floor
2 Good attitude when told No
2 eating all of your food without complaining or being reminded
2 being reverent during church
3 Trying a good helping of a new food
3 extra jobs without complaining
3 good behavior at a store

How to Lose Tokens:
1 leave your shoes out
1 coat laying on the floor
1 clothes laying on the floor
1 making messes at the dinner table
1 arguing
1 bothering parents while on the phone
1 not listening
1 not clearing your plate
1 leaving belongings in the car
1 fighting with your brother
1 anything left laying around that I have to pick up
2 Taking cushions and pillows off the couch
2 Getting on the counter without asking
2 Playing the Ipod without asking
2 Playing Happy Aquarium without asking
2 Being sent to time out
2 getting in to things that you are not supposed to
3 complaining or gagging at the dinner table
3 poor behavior at church
3 poor behavior at a store
10 if I have to clean up your room at the end of the day
How to spend tokens:
1 package of fruit snacks
2 ½ educational computer time (approved by parent)
3 half hour of Wii during the week (normally he can only play on the weekends)
3 popcorn
3 extra story at bedtime(must be paid by all listeners)
5 15 min on Happy Aquarium whenever you want
5 extra 15 minutes at bedtime
10 small treat or small toy at the store
100 $10 to spend on something you would like
Mom and dad have the right to add to this list at anytime
Tokens can be handed out randomly for special things and good behavior
You must ask mom and dad before putting tokens in your jar.

Note: I did copy a lot of these from J & A and Co., and am grateful for all the great ideas.
It has already started to help boy #1's attitude. He helped clean all day Saturday with virtually no complaining, it was quite nice. Boy #2 however is oblivious but that's OK in a few months he may start to get the idea.



  1. I LOVE this idea. We've been using a job chart, and they can earn stickers, which = money. BUT, I love the idea of earning tokens that can be used for other things, not just money, but they can save and use for money if they want. I think I just might have to implement this!

  2. Or Boy #2 starts to eat the tokens...

  3. There is another good program that takes even less effort. As the parent, I don't want to list how to lose tokens. That gives too many ways for the kids to 'get around the system.' In the book From Combat Zone to Love at Home: The Happy Face Token System, the children learn to give happy, first-time compliance hoping they will earn tokens (non specified in many cases) in the 'family rules meeting' set up in the book. They learn they will most certainly lose tokens if they don't follow the rules, and still do what is required for FREE and contribute to our most wonderful family. This system eliminates much of the 'work around' that kids like to do to gain control and allows mom to set and change the rules as needed, at the time, without writing everything out. Really, the only thing written down is the REWARD list. Mom learns to ask certain questions like: how many tokens do you have? How much does it cost? Then she can decide how she wants to give tokens. You might want to look at the information for more ideas.


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