Monday, March 1, 2010

Team Tenley

UPDATE - Well I can't say that i am not disappointed. Poor Tenley!! I hope he is happy but i think he made the wrong choice.

i am sorry to all of you who do not watch The Bachelor but i have to talk about it today. There are so many rumors out there that Vienna is the one he chooses but i am still holding out hope that he chooses the right gal. I think Vienna is nothing but drama. Hopefully if he does pick her he will bring some much needed stability to her life. I just think Tenley is so cute and seems to have a personality that would really fit with Jake's.

So what do you all think. Are you Team Tenley or Team Vienna? HA HA Teams can certainly relate to more than just Twilight right? BTW i am Team Edward all the way just in case you were wondering......

Let me know who you think Jake will pick on tonight's finale. I think it will be Tenley just because everyone thinks it will be Vienna. And i could say that if he picks Vienna i will never watch it again but i would be lying so i won't say that.


  1. Definitely Team Tenley, but unfortunately, I also think he will pick Vienna. I can't stand her! I'll definitely be watching tonight.

  2. I've got my team tenley badge and will be wearing it tonight too! Unfortunately, I have to say I don't hold much hope, like Sarah above me I have a bad feeling...Vienna will be adding a ring to her collection. It's actually the gal in San Fran that I like the most from the start but she obviously wasn't ready. Thanks for leaving me a comment on my St. Patty's post.

  3. I know Ali was by far my favorite. I have heard that she is going to be the next bachelorette. I guess we'll find out tonight.


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