Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Letter Blocks

Since the sun refuses to shine here in Kansas(ok it did a little but not enough for me) i have been inside with the boys all day. This is not exactly how i hoped to spend Spring Break but hopefully the weather will get warmer later in the week and we can get OUTSIDE!! We watched movies today and boy #2 had a extra long nap(yay for daylight savings).
I managed to sneak in this project that i have been wanted to do.

First i painted my wood block that the hubs cut for me a while ago....

Then i Mod Podged some uber cute scrapbook paper onto them...

And last i added some fun chip board letters to spell out SPRING. I cut out the word Happy on my cricut and just Mod Podged them right on there. I attached the chip board letters with some sticky Zots. They are the perfect addition to my little black table(which i am looking to replace with something a bit more fabulous)
I kinda wish that the R wasn't red, a bit too many reds in a row for me, but it's still cute. I worked with what i had and i think it's nice and Springy, i am trying to force Spring to get here quicker!!


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