Thursday, March 4, 2010

Keeping the kids entertained - A few of our favorite things to do & play with...

I will be the first to admit that i go a little nuts staying indoors all winter trying to keep the kids entertained. I thought i would share with you a few of the things that we do to try to keep busy until dad comes home from work......

We seem to have a plethora of plastic restaurant cups. They always seem to make there way home with us at the end of the meal. We have been having fun bowling with them this week. The boys have had fun stacking them and then bowling them over. If you don't have cups you could use plastic water bottles.

Boy #2's favorite toys always seem to be things that are not toys at all.....
He loves playing with measuring cups, bowls and empty paper towel rolls(I'm sure he would prefer it if it was a full roll of paper towels but I'm not that nice)
Sometimes we choose a board game from our collection. Sometimes it's hard to play board games with the little one, he likes to mess up the game pieces and that tends to throw his brother into a tizzy but once in a while we try anyway.

Boy #1 loves to do puzzles and mazes. He is actually very good at them. We got him a big book full of mazes and he has several puzzles to choose from too.

It's no shocker that i love the Internet and probably spend more time on my computer than i should but there are a few fun and educational sites for the boys as well. One of their favorites is Boy #1 gets onto this site at his school and he is the one that told me about it. It is fun and even the little one loves playing on this site with us.
And a lot of days after i pick boy #1 up from school and i can tell he is tired we just pick a favorite movie, pop some popcorn and relax on the couch. I love watching movies,even cartoons, so this is one of my favorite activities.
 We are members of Netflix and recently got a blu-ray player that has direct access to all the Netflix watch instantly movies. They have a great selection of kids movies to watch instantly.

And lastly i run a sweat shop over here once in a while, he, he. Some days i just have a burst of energy and a very messy house and i enlist the help of two usually unwilling boys. But i have learned if there is a reward or allowance at the end of the cleaning spree it goes over much better. The prof is in the pic......
Have fun keeping your kiddo's entertained and look on the bright's almost SPRING!!! YEEE HAA!


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  1. I love connect 4! :) Great ideas especially getting 'em to vacuum. :) Woohoo!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Woohoo for Netflix! We have a PS3 that we watch it on. I love that you can put your account on hold and we do that every now and then when we know we don't have the time and money. When it's on hold we just use my parents password to watch instant on it! My two year old even figured out to put the cd in and find his movies in the queue!

  3. Good idea with the cup girls love repurposed stuff over store bought stuff also. They could draw/color all day long. Just give them some paper and supplies, tape, envelopes, etc.....they are occupied!!!!


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