Monday, February 15, 2010

Chalkboard frame

Ok so as i have said in previous posts i have recently become friends with my local Goodwill. Only problem is that it's mostly a one sided friendship. I love to go and hope to find a gem that i can refurbish while on the other hand my local Goodwill has not given me much in return. I need to spread my wings and find more thrift stores and visit other Goodwills in neighboring cities. Mine is just not delivering. I am so wanting to find a great chunky sofa table to make my own.
Any who enough wining and on to the project that i did find to do. On one of my trips to Goodwill i found this picture frame, it's gorgeous right?......
OK so it was actually pretty hideous. But i saw small potential and really i was just itching to use some chalkboard spray paint that i had bought.
It was pretty gross and actually had sticks growing out of it...

But after a fresh coat of spray paint on the frame and some chalk board paint right over the glass, this is what i ended up with. Kinda cute i thought. And very useful for those important messages you want to get across to your special someone......



  1. Very cute. I'm impressed you can even see potential in things. I wouldn't even know how to spot the potential. You've got a good eye.

  2. I love this idea! We painted (OK, I did it, not Troy) my last kitchen this lovely shade of purple (think the tops of the Johnson & Johnson lavender baby lotion) and I did a spot about 2 ft by 3 ft of chalkboard paint to put the "menu" on the wall for the week. It was great!


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