Thursday, February 18, 2010

Neti Pot Review

So i have felt pretty crappy for the last couple of weeks. I am finally starting to get rid of this junk but i wanted to share with you the story behind my discovery of this thing called the Neti Pot.
I started feeling that tickle in the back of my throat on Sunday night a couple of weeks ago
and i just hoped and prayed but, it came anyway.
I hardly slept a wink all night, i tried and tried but i am not a mouth breather, you know what i mean, i can't sleep with my mouth open, i try but it's always a no go. I took sudafed but still the sinus infection plagued my every hour. I got through the night and had a little bit better night the next night. I at least had one working nostril, i was very happy with that. I know too much information but stay with me here.
The next day while talking to my neighbor she told me about the Neti Pot. "What i said, you want me to smoke pot?" No she didn't tell me to smoke pot. She told me about this nifty yet so disgusting invention called the Neti Pot. It is supposed clear out your sinus, which i was all about.
So i tried it and it was definitely very strange and pretty gross if i am being totally honest but it did work pretty well. While it didn't totally cure my sinus infection it definitely helped. Google it to see how it works, i don't want to get too into the snotty details. Oh what i wouldn't have done to have one of these years ago. I had REALLY bad sinus infections at the beginning of both of my pregnancy's. One was so bad that it was putting so much pressure on my nasal passage that it was giving me a tooth ache, weird i know. I was calling 24hr dentists in the middle of the night because i was sure my tooth was about to explode. It didn't and i was sent home with a sinus infection to thank for a unnecessary dental bill.
Anyway my point is that no matter how gross and disgusted you are by this post and no matter how weird you think i am right now, some day you are going to have a horrible sinus infection and you are going to think of this post and start searching for a neti pot.
This second picture is really uncalled for but i laughed so hard when i saw it i nearly peed my pants so of course i had to include it. And yep that's exactly how it works.

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