Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ya gotta have shades

What is it about the right pair of Sunglasses that makes you feel so good? They are very important for protecting your eyes and the delicate skin around your eyes from the harmful rays shining down on you, but to a lot of us out there, they are much more than just protection from the sun. They are a fashion statement and finding the right pair is so important.
Yesterday while driving to Target i realized that i needed some sunglasses on and i needed them quick. My eyes are so sensitive to light and especially in the winter months when the white snow is glaring back at me. Mine had broke and i had been getting by until yesterday. Here in KC we have had some freezing rain. The temps have remained pretty cold so all the rain we received froze solid to everything from the trees to the snow.....and then the sun peaked out. You know what that's like when sun is reflecting off ice?? Yeah a bit like shining a flashlight straight in your eyes. Well this was the case on the road yesterday. My current pair of shades had broke over the weekend so i grabbed the only pair i could find in the car. Yes i was rocking these bad boys.............

Pretty cool right? NOT. Boy #1 kept laughing and telling me to look at him so he could laugh some more. These are his awesome power rangers shades which look much better on his cute little face. I did snap a picture of myself on my phone but i was too hideous looking and will not be publishing that snapshot. Every time a car pulled up next to me at a stop light i had to put my hand up to the side of my face because i really looked ridiculous, but they had to be worn. Believe me i tried taking them off several times and the tears started streaming from my oh so sensitive corneas. I thought it was better to be safe than to look cool, and I'm sure i was right.
So once at Target #1 on the agenda was new shades. These below look similar to the ones that i got but mine are brown. The following pictures I found on line at

I tried these one's on and they were cute too but just a tad bit buggy for my taste.
These next glasses i found on line at they have a great selection. A bit pricey for me as i tend to break and need to replace my glasses a little too often but if i wanted to splurge i would buy from Zappos.

These one's are so cute. The Zappo's sunglasses section is cool because you can pick your face shape and they will show you styles that would look good on you.

And now a tribute to our favorite man in shades, the MAV! He made Aviators what they are today! How many years has it been and they are still cool.

Hope you all have a great pair of shades to rock! Spring is almost here, can ya tell I'm excited for warmer weather?


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  1. Funny you should mention Maverick. I've been using the phrase "Talk to me Goose" when I pick up the phone, which is totally inappropriate when the mother in law calls, but still funny!


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