Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Look, love it, or hate it??

So what are you all thinking about the new look. I was getting bored with the one i did so i tried to make it a bit more professional looking. I can not take the credit for that. I got the template from April Showers. Let me know what you think, please someone comment, even if you hate it. I will just die I will be sad if no one comments. And yes i realize that i only have 4 or 5 readers, including me and my mom, so this is probably putting a lot of pressure on you all. And yes i do know that i am a nerd.


  1. Does it count if the designer comments and likes it?? Tee, hee!!! I think it looks awesome! Feel free to post a comment on my blog or facebook page asking people for opinions!

  2. Thanks April and yes i would say it for sure counts! I like it and really that's all that matters right.

  3. Jaime - I don't usually comment on this blog of yours - but I read it all the time and really do enjoy it. Keep it up. I am thinking I need to try making the soaps you made. Very cute!

    Karen O'Brien

  4. Karen,

    Thanks so much for reading, it's nice to know that some one is out there. And i bet the grandboys would love the soaps.


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