Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Creative Cakes

It is no secret that i love planning parties. I honestly start planning my kids birthday parties months and months in advance. I have already started thinking about boy #1's next party theme and he just had his party in November. I am a bit OCD when it comes to party planning.
Boy #2's birthday is in April, so really not too far away. I have decided on a Elmo theme, he is OCD when it comes to Elmo. I have been deep into looking at pictures of Elmo cakes. I think i will just try the basic Elmo head shape. I'm sure it won't turn out as cute as the picture below but I'll try.....

These cake pops from Bakerella are so cute, if we were having a huge party i might consider putting forth the effort to make these but it will probably just be our little family.

These next cakes are off of the Family Fun website. They have so many cute cake ideas. This first one is so cute, it would be really cute to make for a baby shower with a old McDonald theme.

This would be so cute for a pre-teen or teenager's birthday.

I definitely see this cake being made in my future. Boy #1 is all boy and would love this motorcycle cake and the skateboard cake below.

This one would be cute if you were having a bowling party. I love those bowling pin candles.

This one is cute for a camp out party in the summer. It would also be a fun cake to make for Fathers day if you married a outdoors man like i did. It would be great after a tin foil dinner and a visit around the backyard fire pit.
This is the cup cake cake that i made for boy #1's birthday in November. He had a G.I. Joe theme. I think the cake turned out pretty good. I got a lot of compliments on it which made my day of course. But what really mattered was that the new 5 year old loved it!

And now were back to thinking about boy#1's birthday next November. Not sure if Batman will still be his favorite 9 months from now but if he is then here are a couple of my inspiration cakes. The first one is simple yet really cute, i know i could pull it off.

This one would rock his world but i know i am not advanced enough to even try it. It's fun to dream though.
Hopefully i inspired you to think long and hard the next time you order a cake from your local grocery store. Michael's craft stores offer cake decorating classes. I am planning on enrolling next month. Hopefully my cakes benefit from the added skills i will learn. It will be nice when the end result looks as good in real life as it does in my head. I only got into cake decorating about a year ago but i have learned that even if it isn't picture perfect it feels so good to know you made it yourself, and your family knows it was baked with love, and maybe a little blood, sweat and tears.



  1. I have this same little hobby. I love trying to make a creative cake. Sydney's last b-day cake was cute, but not what I had invisioned in my head. You are VERY talented! I love your cakes. I'm wanting to take a cake decorating class as well. Then maybe what's in my head will come out right on the cake.

  2. I know Sarah, i wish we lived in the same town, for many reasons but one of which being so we could take a cake decorating class together. I will be taking mine alone but hopefully i will get a lot out of it. I will let you know how it goes.

  3. Hey Jaime
    I have made my boys birthday cakes as well since their first birthdays. I am sure you have heard of the site coolest-birthdaycakes.com they really do have some cool cakes. I read the instructions to a cake I liked there one time and it sounded pretty easy so I tried it and it was. You find a picture of the subject you want to make the cake on for me it was Spongebob. Then you make several copies of the picture and cut out everything seperately so like I cut out his body first, then his arms and hands and mouth and eyes so then I baked a regulay 9x13 cake and iced it and then sprayed it blue with the cakemate spray. Then I put spongebobs body on there and outlined it in the icing with a toothpick. and you do that with all the body parts. Anyway then you take some black icing and outline your toothpick lines. I just used cakemate black gel stuff it worked great then you have your outline you just color in the cake using the star tip just like the wilton ones. I would post a pic but I dont know how...anyway you could use this method for any character and it is pretty easy and fast.
    Loved your G.I Joe cake by the way how did you ice that puppy. I think my icing would just fall through the cracks!

  4. Oh Stace you should e-mail me a pic of that cake you made it sounds awesome. The cup cake cakes are actually pretty easy. You just stagger the cupcakes so they fit together better and then frost like a regular cake. If i make another one i will do a post on it. The camo was the hardest part and it still didn't turn out exactly how i wanted.
    Good tips thought thanks


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