Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!

I'm a guest over at Or So She Says... today, go check it out. I will be posting the post from over there on here tomorrow.


  1. What you talking about? You aren't super mom?? You are obviously such a great mom. How fun for your kids. I need to try this with my kiddos. I think I'd be mom of the year in their opinion if I did this with them. By the way, HOW COOL that you were a featured guest writer on their blog! How did that happen? Congrats! (I'll have to go comment over there too!)

  2. Thanks Sarah, I know i was so excited when they asked me to do a guest post. I actually won a contest ($100 credit to this way cute Etsy shop that makes bags) and when i replied i put my link to this blog and they saw it and then asked me. I may have caculated it out just a bit but was so excited when they took the bait:)
    I love that blog so it was cool to be over there.
    You gotta catch my post here on Tue, i am making something else fun that i bet your kids would love.
    Thanks for commenting over at Or So She Says!!


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